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Discover absolutely one of the best software tools for evaluating alimony/maintenance claims, and one of the easiest ways for calculating child support based on your state guidelines. We currently offer versions of Support 2024 for the states of Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Washington and Maryland.


What's New:


The federal tax estimates generated by Support 2024 incorporate the inflation-adjustments provided by the IRS for the 2024 tax filing year - such as the income amounts subject to FICA and self-employment tax, the inflation-adjusted standard deduction amounts and the various inflation-adjusted income tax brackets and phase-outs. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed by Congress in December of 2017, eliminated personal exemptions, increased standard deductions, reduced tax rates with new income tax brackets and increased the child tax credit which can now be up to $2000 per child (subject to income level phase-outs) with up to $1,700 of that credit refundable beyond taxes owed. More information can be found here: FAQs .


The state tax estimates generated by the Michigan, Maryland, and Kentucky versions use the most currently available inflation adjusted income tax code for those respective states


Starting with the 2019 tax filing year, new alimony/maintenance transfers are no longer a tax deduction from gross income for the payer nor taxable income for the payee. Consequently, the alimony/maintenance routines in the program have been substantially modified. Support 2024 will, though, allow the user to generate an alimony recommendation that is either taxable to the payer (under current tax law) or taxable to the payee (to accommodate modifications of alimony orders originally made before 2019).


Support 2024 includes a dialog for capturing the wages and the pass-through income earned by individuals with ownership in sole proprietorships, partnerships or S-Corps as up to 20% of the income earned from those of types of entities may now be deducted from federal taxable income. Support 2024 provides for the current inflation-adjusted phase-outs and limitations for this business income tax deduction. More information about the business deduction can be found here: New Section 199A Business Deduction


Support 2024 for Michigan incorporates the guidelines of the 2021 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual effective 1/1/2021. This includes new general support tables, an increase in the ordinary medical amount, an increase in the low income threshold and changes to the 2nd family additional children multipliers. In addtion, the 2024 program incorporates recent changes made to both the Uniform Spousal Support Order (USSO) and the Uniform Child Support Order (UCSO).


Support 2024 for Maryland incorporates the new Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations that became effective on July 1, 2022. In addtion the program incorporates the revised Shared Custody Child Support Worksheet that shows the aditional adjustment when a parent's overnights with the children falls between 109 and 92 days. The program also restored the option for a linear extrapolation of the child support table when combined gross incomes exceed table amounts although the program continues to provide the preferred parabolic regression for extrapolation of the support table.


Support 2024 for Washington incorporates the changes made to the Washingon Child Support Schedule effective January 1, 2019. This includes a new Child Support Worksheet (dated 1/2019) and a new 2019 Economic Table. The program also produces the Attachment for Residential Split Adjustment (RSA).


Support 2024 for Kentucky incorporates the child support guidelines that became effective on 6/29/2021. As of March 31, 2023 Kentucky is using a "Bracketed Sum of Day Squared" shared custody adjustment.  As of the 2024 tax filing year, the Kentucky state income tax flat rate has been reduced to 4%.


Support 2024 for Florida incorporates the revised Child Support Worksheet forms dated 04/2022 and the Financial Affidavit dated 10/2021 and provides for easier scrolling of the Financial Affidavits by dividing those forms (both short and long forms) into two separate data enty screens. Florida updated their alimony guidelines in July of 2023 and those updated guidelines are incorporated into the Florida program.

 All 2024 state versions now include a tool to scale the program display to accommodate high resolution and wide-screen monitors. All versions update the state minimum wage tables and the federal median income tables used by the programís income imputation tool .

Company Profile:


MarginSoft was founded by Craig Ross, a family law attorney from Ann Arbor, Michigan, who has reviewed a myriad of child support and alimony cases over the last 30 years. His alimony/maintenance theories are incorporated into our Support Series of programs. Programming and product support are provided by Roger Ross of Pioneer, California. You can use the Feedback link on this site to contact us by email.


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