Football Tickets

An issue I have faced numerous times in relation to University of Michigan football and hockey tickets, since there is a substantial waiting list to purchase tickets, and long-standing holders may have preferred seats. I donít think the matter is isolated to Ann Arbor since I surmise that MSU hockey and basketball tickets or the Ichiro-fueled Marinerís ducats or the University of Kentucky basketball tickets (and, with the hiring of Rick Pitino my surmise the same will be true in Louisville) have a similar demand. I admit I have never faced the issue vis a vis the Detroit Lions or the Detroit Tigers. Alas. Then again, I grew up in Cleveland, an Indians fan.

There is never any satisfactory answer to this one. On the other hand, no one has ever balked at the suggestion that the parties divide the tickets in kind, sharing them on a 50/50 basis. Usually the parties can work it out. If it appears the parties cannot negotiate "which games" my inclination is to divide the schedule into two-year blocks, with each party choosing games within the interim on a rotating basis (via coin flip or otherwise) over the period of the block. [Why not year-by-year? The problem here is that the person who chooses first always gets the OSU-UM game, since there is only one such home game every two years. Aside from this, I suspect a year-by-year choice makes more sense, particularly in hockey and basketball where there are many games.]