See Coins. The issues here are the same as with coins---scarcity, demand and condition being basic to the valuation of a stamp or a collection. Like coins, stamps can worth a snootful. An 1856 British Guyanna stamp was auctioned for $ 935,000 in 1980 and has a present day, estimated value of $ 1,500,000. Donít worry about searching your attic, however, since it is thought that only one such stamp exists.

Of all the collectibles I have looked at I believe that stamps are the most difficult to value. Variations are massive and include vagaries such as watermarks and the number of perforations. If you have a collection that might be valuable I suggest you procure an expert.

I scrounged around the Internet for a site that helps value stamps but it appears the best you will do is free sites that might help you identify a stamp with a "Scottís" number. After that you need to look art a recent Scottís Catalogue (there are 6 at $ 30 a pop) and, if you are like me, you will be completely mystified. However, I stumbled across a service that appraises collections at I canít vouch for the service but it appears they will appraise collections at no or limited cost. If someone tries this one get in touch with me.